Floral Contracts

We work collaboratively with clients to co-create botanical signatures of a place.

Whether it is a home, retail store, gallery, hospitality establishment or brand, our dedication is to understanding their identities and landing on a look and feel that strikes a balance between botanical elements and the specificities of a space.

We are determined to find creative solutions that meet our client's budgetary and operational concerns that are also sustainable for the environment. Our use of botanical materials go beyond just the use of cut flowers—our use of whole plants have opened the door to even more creative possibilities and has the added benefit of increasing the longevity of the arrangements.

For clients who have access to a local or in-house florist or service staff, a consultation and training model may be preferable. We ensure that our designs can be executed with consistency by other parties and provide a selection of seasonal material choices and alternative suggestions.

Our design consultation includes training and workshops to ensure that they have operational agency over their own floral installations.

Featured Floral Contracts



Composed with a studied naturalism, 50 custom-made glass panels from a contiguos landscape spread across the entire perimeter of the resturant.

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