This Humid House is actively developing pedagogy for the advancement of botanical design that is aligned with our studio's creative process. We use botanical design to broadly describe designing with botanical or living material as a medium.

Our studio comprises designers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, with each person bringing their perspective to the co-creative process. Our practice is not defined by any one style, but rather, an approach that is sensitive to culture, context, and the Now.

We favour learning and teaching frameworks that are non-prescriptive and that, through feedback and critique, result in work that has a compelling point of view.


We are delighted to offer an exciting international education programme in 2024 in three formats: Courses, Workshops and Working Sessions. We keep all our class sizes small for maximum attention, with low designer-to-participant ratios.

Our Working Sessions format is focused on individual expression, and our intensive Courses and Workshops supplement individual development with the opportunity to learn as part of a creative team.

Our Signature Course: Designing with Plants and Flowers

Our signature course is conceived to provide a comprehensive overview of how This Humid House designs with plants and flowers, typically taking place over 3 days on a weekend. Courses are conducted by our designers at our Singapore headquarters or Paris studio.

The course curriculum includes a field trip (to a park, plant nursery or market), topical mini-lectures and discussions, and working on arrangements and installations of various scales. The course culminates with a meal styled by participants.

This intensive engagement immerses you in the design language of This Humid House and may be especially helpful for creatives and ambitious hobbyists who work in teams.

3 days Creatives, design professionals and enthusiasts Singapore or Paris

Thematic Workshops

Our thematic multi-day intensive workshops are either co-hosted with a guest designer and/or overseas partner and are intended as safe spaces for practitioners to experiment through thoughtfully designed individual and group exercises. Wherever our workshops take place, the relationship to place and culture will be foregrounded as a consideration for design.

Workshops include a variety of learning and teaching formats that include demonstrations, hands-on making, field trips, discussions, and topical lectures. The intensive nature of our workshops is particularly suited for creatives, serious enthusiasts, or anyone looking to consider botanical design in a professional capacity.

3-7 days Creatives, design professionals and enthusiasts Anywhere in the world

Working Sessions with THH

Working Sessions are our personalised coaching initiative, taking place over 3 consecutive weekdays at our Singapore headquarters. This learning format aims to help individuals gain greater confidence working with botanical material over consistent practice and time, whatever their experience level.

Each 150-minute session begins with a brief topical lecture and an introduction to the week's selection of materials. Following this, participants will create and explore their choice of table-based composition guided by our designers. Sessions conclude with a group critique.

Once a week for 3 consecutive weeks All levels welcome Singapore

We would love for you to be able to plan and select the programme that best suits you, which is why we are sharing an overview of 2024's international education programme*, which will be updated as we have more certainty closer to those dates. We will issue purchase tickets only when dates are confirmed—we cannot accommodate reservations for tentative dates. Please sign up for our mailing list for first-priority ticket releases! We deeply appreciate your patronage!
Month Location Programme
January 24, 31,
and February 7
Singapore Working Sessions with THH
March 6-10 Singapore

Beauty in Context: Seeing and Making in Space, Place and Time with Wagner Kreusch

April Singapore Working Sessions with THH
May East Asia Spring Thematic Workshop
June Singapore Signature Course
July France Summer Thematic Workshop
August Singapore
Signature Course
Collaborative Workshop with Guest Florist
September France Signature Course
October East Asia Fall Thematic Workshop
*Last updated 19 January 2024